Updating wrought iron porch columns what is the meaning of intimidating

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Set up rotary hammer with a 3/8-inch concrete drill bit.

Measure 3 inches from the tip of the bit, and make several wraps of electrical tape as a reference for drilling 3-inch-deep holes for the anchor sleeves.

And if you have the budget for it, you could have a metal shop custom make a set for you, if you're thinking of a very particular design.

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Hard to paint but pretty and removed by the new owners.Do you know anyone that does these in cast iron or wrought iron?Some exterior upgrades include replacing old or damaged metal railings for concrete landings and stairs.Loosen and remove the existing anchor bolts where the base of the posts attach to the concrete stairs and landing, using a socket and ratchet.Remove the lag bolts that attach the end of the railing to the house or a porch post.

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