Updating xml file java

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With this in mind, here is code that performs the same job as the code above without any unnecessary variables.

parameter that you can use to control how the output is generated.

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Go to rpm.newrelic.com/apm template, see the XML file format overview.Download a Jar file containing the latest version java-xmlbuilder-1.2Maven users can add this project as a dependency with the following additions to a file: This is straight-forward enough, but it is far more verbose than necessary because the code does not take advantage of XMLBuilder's method-chaining feature.For your New Relic-monitored Java application, one custom instrumentation method is to use an XML file to specify your app methods that should be instrumented.The Java agent will read the XML file and instrument the relevant classes on startup; XML files added to the directory after startup do not require a JVM restart to be detected.

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