Virtual dating games demos

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It’s impossible to know for sure, but we can make some educated guesses.

Today, we’re going to dive in and take a peek at what VR will make possible in three to five years — and why you should probably get your panicking out of the way now.

The lack of these things is one of the primary contributors to the demise of long term relationships. Conveying touch over the Internet is something that people have put a lot of work into over the years, although none of it measures up to the standard set by virtual reality glasses.

There’s a jacket that can simulate the pressure of a hug.

While VR does isolate you from people who are physically near you, it opens the possibility of being deeply social with anyone, anywhere on the planet.Picture a kind of hyper-efficient, technology-mediated speed dating.There’s a billion dollar startup in there somewhere.This is a pretty big deal already, but let’s take it a step farther.Imagine a long term relationship that takes place using virtual reality.

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