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A program running on a web server (server-side scripting) is used to generate the web content on various web pages, manage user sessions, and control workflow.

Server responses may be determined by such conditions as data in a posted HTML form, parameters in the URL, the type of browser being used, the passage of time, or a database or server state.

Client-side scripting languages like Java Script or Action Script, used for Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and Flash technologies respectively, are frequently used to orchestrate media types (sound, animations, changing text, etc.) of the presentation.

The scripting also allows use of remote scripting, a technique by which the DHTML page requests additional information from a server, using a hidden Frame, XMLHttp Requests, or a web service.

Using Ajax technologies the end user gets one dynamic page managed as a single page in the web browser while the actual web content rendered on that page can vary.

The Ajax engine sits only on the browser requesting parts of its DOM, the DOM, for its client, from an application server.

DHTML is the umbrella term for technologies and methods used to create web pages that are not static web pages.

Client-side-scripting, server-side scripting, or a combination of these make for the dynamic web experience in a browser.

For example, in 1990, before general public use of the internet, a dynamically driven remotely accessed menu system was implemented by Susan Biddlecomb, who was Director of Computer Support of the USC Health Care system at the University of Southern California BBS on a 16 line TBBS system with TDBS add-on.database.The same client-side techniques can then dynamically update or change the DOM in the same way.A dynamic web page is then reloaded by the user or by a computer program to change some variable content.In this case, the dynamic behavior occurs within the presentation.The client-side content is generated on the user's local computer system.

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