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The No.1 Fighter Conversion Unit of the PAF is stationed here.There is also a railway connecting the city with Kundian and Multan to the south and Attock and Rawalpindi to the north.The railways were a part of the now obsolete “North Western Railways” (NWR), which was operational during British colonial rule in the subcontinent.After the partition of India in 1947 it was renamed “Pakistan Western Railways” and was again renamed after December 1971 as Pakistan Railways.In fact, a lot of our daily speech is filled with duas.For instance: There’s no escaping making dua as a Muslim.Allah doesn’t need us to make dua; instead it is we who need to make dua to Allah.And there’s almost no limit to the things you can make dua for.

I know a lot of duas that are supposed to help with many different problems. So you learn a dua and recite it and you don’t really know what it means but you expect certain things to happen just because you said it. Don’t just memorize sounds and repeat them like a parrot and expect magic to happen.

A formal prayer is the Salaah, which has structured movements and sayings.

But a dua is informal meaning there’s no absolute structure and nothing that absolutely must be said. Muslims make dua for just about anything and everything.

So long as what you’re asking for is halaal (permissible) and good, you can make dua to Allah for whatever you need and want.

Technically speaking, you can make dua for bad things also.

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