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The punchy headlines and attention-grabbing articles (written by tabloids and respectable news sources, alike) don’t always have the intention of writing the news on child actors as it is, and instead have the intention of selling news that is interesting.So when you consider that the stories may have a particular slant on them and that (in many cases) the poor behaviour of the former child actor may have been sensationalized to get something interesting out to the public (sadly, this has become more socially acceptable).

Each of these examples is an actor or actor/singer that had stunning success in their childhood (and adolescent years) and started to have significant issues in their late adolescence and early adult years.

The same thing that makes them so brilliant, also robs them of everyday practicality.

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This is due to the extremely creative way of viewing the world to begin with.

Often times those that excel within a particular creative field, lack the emotional and mental tools that other less talented poeple possess.

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