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Ever since Ava (Maura West) messed with his medication, Morgan’s bi-polar disorder has been spiraling out of control.Carly and Sonny can’t seem to figure out why all of a sudden Morgan had been acting as if his bi-polar was no longer under control, and even questioned whether or not he had stopped taking his meds. He had thought he was taking the proper medication.Fans were upset and angry, and many didn’t want to welcome Billy Miller (or anyone for that matter) into the role of their beloved Jason Morgan.Much to our surprise, General Hospital Blog conducted a poll, which resulted in fans choosing Billy Miller as Jason at 61%, leaving fans who chose Steve Burton to come back at a shocking 39%.Both actors have made it clear recently that they respect each other and expect their fans to do the same.There are no hard feelings between these two men and they are making sure their fans understand that.

Fans have been very vocal on social media in regard to Hey @generalhospital fans, #killy appreciates any love but never bullying. #choosekindness #killywithkindness #gh #deuces #Happy Thanksgiving pic.twitter.com/Ll Ryvmtxpx — Kelly Monaco (@kellymonaco1) November 23, 2017 While many fans have an allegiance to Burton who played the role for 20-years before leaving in 2012, many were just as thrilled with Miller’s portrayal of the character.The actor is now responding to those rumors and sharing how he really feels about his new storyline. I wouldn’t be there if I was being disrespected” he told decided to bring back Burton, especially since Miller was currently playing the role of Jason Morgan.Although he doesn’t say too much, the fact that he signed a new contract says a lot.Soap opera fans are devoted, to say the least, so Miller’s fans were quick to defend him and show him support, once Burton returned.However, some of that support has led to various rumors and some harsh remarks from Miller fans taking aim at Burton.

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