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In 1993, Armstrong played live several times with California punk band Rancid.

Rancid lead singer, Tim Armstrong, asked Billie Joe Armstrong to join his band, but he refused owing to the progress with Green Day.

He met Mike Dirnt while attending elementary school, and the two instantly bonded over their mutual interest in music, forming the band Sweet Children when the two were 15 years old.

The band changed its name to Green Day, and would later achieve massive commercial success.

His mother worked as waitress at Rod's Hickory Pit restaurant in El Cerrito, where Armstrong and Dirnt played their first gig in 1987.

Armstrong's great-great-grandparents Pietro Marsicano and Teresa Nigro were Italian immigrants from Viggiano, Basilicata who moved to Berkeley, California in the mid-19th century.

He attended Hillcrest Elementary School in Rodeo, where a teacher encouraged him to record a song titled "Look for Love" at the age of five on the Bay Area label Fiat Records.

Armstrong has also cited Minneapolis-based bands The Replacements and Hüsker Dü as major musical influences.

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He has five older siblings: David, Alan, Marci, Hollie, and Anna.In 1989, Armstrong provided lead guitar and backing vocals on three songs for The Lookouts' final EP IV.That same year, Green Day released their debut EP 1,000 Hours through Lookout! They recorded their debut studio album 39/Smooth and the extended play Slappy in 1990, which were later combined with 1,000 Hours into the compilation 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours in 1991.Armstrong has also pursued musical projects outside of Green Day's work, including numerous collaborations with other musicians.In 1997, to coincide with the release of Nimrod, Armstrong founded Adeline Records in Oakland to help support other bands releasing music and signed bands such as The Frustrators, AFI and Dillinger Four.

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