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Larry hoped someday to become a successful writer/reporter, but in the meantime had only made it to covering garden and weather reports at local TV station KVGS.

Larry's friend and main cameraman at KVGS, the klutzy Bert Gunkel (James Belushi), also lived in the building and often helped Larry keep an eye on Frankie and Melissa.

Marshall added two young kids to the cast, and hired another one of his Happy Days actors away, Scott Baio, who had also joined the cast of that series in the fall of 1977, along with Lynda Goodfriend.

Baio had become familiar to Happy Days viewers as Charles "Chachi" Arcola, cousin of Fonzie (Henry Winkler).

The club may have been third rate, but it was the perfect launching pad for the girls' career aspirations.

While Stacy and Angie shared an apartment together, added responsibilities were present from the get-go, since both had custody of their much younger siblings.

Legs was successful as a one time special when it aired in May 1978; therefore, NBC provided a berth for the series on its 1978 fall schedule.

However, the network talked with Marshall about adding more of a family appeal to the sex-farce sitcom, which he eventually agreed to.

Blansky's Beauties was cancelled after half a season, but Marshall refused to give up on the idea of a sitcom with a Las Vegas showgirls theme.Four of the original Blansky beauties—Kaye, Goodfriend, Kirkes and Bolton—were hired back by Marshall to star in Legs.For Lynda Goodfriend, this was the second transition from one Marshall series to another.Marshall re-wrote the format so the kids could be well-integrated; the ultimate catch in the re-write was the dilemma Kaye and Goodfriend's characters faced as they were always busy in their performing career: "just who will be watching the kids? Scott Baio and Lynda Goodfriend promptly returned to Happy Days in early 1979, in the same roles they had left.Baio, as Chachi Arcola, would transfer over to one more Marshall series before the end of his career phase with this producer.

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