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Still no joy using this Tool, same results as above. My goal is to post the name in a specialized text log, which will have have "xxxx is playing at mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss" entries for each time a sample is taken from WMP. At one point, I remember finding a link in the this newsgroup that would let you remove your Money data all at once as well. How can I use this, and does anybody know if I can download this feature.If this can't be done in jscript, perhaps vbscript? Have you made sure that the wizard button (looks like a magic wand) before you try to add the subform control?Sorting #11How do you sort a list with more than three sort keys? I am hoping that someone else is having this problem or has fixed it and how. I didn't really think that was necessary until it took forever to update today.First sort on least significant key(s) Then sort on most significant keys HTH -- AP "Fran" You need a helper column. You will need to include the value of dates (not the actual dates) - &VALUE(A1) or &...rating files on WMPI like rating my own music on my WMP, though the 5 star system seems a little limiting to me. Here is what is going on: Yesterday I updated my accounts and 20 transactions were downloaded. Today I updated my accounts and 26 transactions were downloaded... I hid it a couple of times and then just cancelled it.Hey Group, Bought 2 new CD and now WMP11 won't extract album info. Have you tried editing the Album name/Artist name manually? Thanks for the help from the group, David David Hi!If you're not sure what the wizard button looks like, it looks like this (this sample is from Access 2007 but the other versions look similar but it is on the tool bar just under, or to the right of, the cursor arrow button): Wiz/controlwiz01-- Bob Larson Access World Fo...

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not a biggie, but frustrating not connecting and updating.... cannot send mails, but can recieve mails outside that domain connected by high speed lan., but can send & recieve mails in the same domain.

I try using "Update info" but not pop up no nothing. Tried the same CD on my Windows7 PC and it extracts info fine. It's not an internet connection thing but don't know what tolook for in WMP11 that would make this stop working.

I think you can change them by hovering the cursor, then right-clicking the desired label.

when Account is updated, capitalize name, city, etc.

Action Update only allow me to assign another value to a field.

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