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Its image quality is, as I mentioned, not that good. Why did Yashica use two the same lenses, one for the noble art of picture taking, and another one for the down-to-earth job of viewing? I guess that they didn't have the facilities to costruct two different lenses, or they wanted to keep the camera simple, or they had a lot of Yashikor 80mm f/3.5 lenses lying around somewhere, or those lenses were cheap or something.The center is excellent and really isn't the problem, but it's the corners that make me cry. Why not an expensive lens for taking, and a moderate one for viewing? Anyway, the Yashikors do NOT have the best corner sharpness ever seen in a medium format camera!Anyway, the Y-635 has several dedicated knobs and stuff to make the system work.I'm convinced that as a 35mm camera, the Yashica-635 does a good job. Reports on some sites on the Internet claim that only 4,000 cameras were made.For the moment, let’s keep an open mind about the serial number decoding.The Yashica-635 is actually quite special within the TLR category.

But when I started using this camera, to my surprise I noticed I was always taking a tripod along to avoid camera shake. And not only that, but setting up a tripod, using a hand mirror to view the scene the right way around, and then metering the light with another camera, really killed every spark of creativity.Soon I didn't leave the house without the Yashica-635, an extra big carrying case (my reflex holster didn't do for this one! So now, after owning this camera for over two years, I don't use it a lot anymore. () The Yashica-635 has a taking lens and a viewing lens.First of all, I'm afraid something might happen to it. And thirdly, dragging it around is annoying, because it's so big and clunky. Surprisingly, their full openings are the same (usually the viewing lens is more light-sensitive than the taking lens, for more precision and clarity), and they're even the same lens: Yashikor 80mm f/3.5's.I tested it out in the store, and then bought it for about eighty dollars (fl. I was delighted with it, happy with the fact that now I too had my very own medium format camera that made pictures in the best film format available. I soon found out, that TLRs have the disadvantage of the 'inversed' waist-level finder.That is, if you don't own a TLR yourself, that the image as seen through the viewfinder, is horizontally mirrored'.

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